You arrive at Isdammen, led by a path, a friend, or perhaps a thought.
After the walk, you receive a cup of hot drink.
You may choose to wear waders. Neoprene.
Or stay on land, to rest your back against a wooden leg.
Still close to the water crust. You see better then.
Then we go into the water. Gust.
How deep is it here?

You take a sip from the cup and feel the relentless direction of the drops against the depths.
The water looks dead on the black water crust.
You remind yourself that water gives life, but that only gods live forever.
DJUPVASSTRÅKK begins at a black and still water surface, where Julie and Cecilie Solberg move the human body into a new element, the water. The performance is a dream zone for humans and their relatives, inspired by creation myths, fantasies about the unknown powers of water, and the idea that water flows through all organisms – for better or for worse.
Julie and Cecilie Solberg work in the intersection of theater, figure, contemporary dance, and performance. Their latest collaboration, Songs of Entanglement, was presented at Black Box Teater in 2018.
DJUPVASSTRÅKK takes place outdoors by Isdammen at Årvoll.
The performance is experienced at the edge of the water or with waders on in the water.
Idea, concept, Performers Julie og Cecilie Solberg
Scenography Mari L.B. Kamsvaag
Light design Corentin JPM Leven
Producer Guro Vrålstad
Outside eye Kristin Helgebostad
Participating assistants at Isdammen Turid Alida RøstenMees Borgman
Thank you: Årvoll Gård – Bydel Bjerke, Rosalind Goldberg, Jan Erik Skarby ved FIN, and Trond Olav Solberg at Nordre Bergan Gård

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