Misantropia is a place somewhere in Scandinavia – a society based on our own, but twisted and turned. You can’t find it on the map, and no one knows how large or small it is because its borders were erased a long time ago. We took our chance and visited the place, looking for evidence. Now we don’t know who we are anymore. But we found something there: four siblings, a few faded flags and a testament.
Misantropia takes a closer look at the Scandinavian societies values and norms. We are exploring themes as misantrophy, nationalism, the fear of change and the unknown, and the wish to distance ourselves from other people. The performance is like a celebration of critique, and a funeral of what we know.

Idea: Simona Bieksaite / Kjersti A. Stenby
Creators: Kjersti A. Stenby, Anders Firing Aardal, Heiki Riipinen, Simona Bieksaite, Corentin JPM Leven and Lærke Grøntved
Producer: Ida Marie Sandvik
Co-producer: Scenekunst Østfold
Text: Martin Bengtsson, together with the actors
Scenography/Light/Costumes: Simona Bieksaite / Corentin JPM Leven
Acting/music: Lærke Grøntved, Anders Firing Aardal, Heiki Riipinen and Kjersti A. Stenby
Photo:Simona Bieksaite and Corentin JPM Leven

Supported by: Arts Council Norway, Nordic Culture Point, Fund For Performing Artists
Photos ©Jan Hajdelak Husták

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